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Davido – Omo Baba Olowo (OBO) [Album]
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“Ekuro” is a song by Nigerian musician Davido, released in 2012. The song, which was produced by Shizzi, became a hit in Nigeria and was widely played on radio and television. It was included on Davido’s debut album, “Omo Baba Olowo,” and has since become one of his most popular songs. The song’s title, “Ekuro,” translates to “wake up” in Yoruba, a language spoken in Nigeria. The lyrics of the song talk about a man who is trying to persuade a woman to leave her current relationship and be with him instead. The song features a catchy Afrobeat sound and has a danceable, upbeat tempo. It has gained a large following in Africa and has been covered by several other artists.

In addition to its success in Nigeria, “Ekuro” has gained popularity beyond the country’s borders. It has been played at clubs and events around the world and has been included in various music compilations. The song’s catchy hook and energetic beat have made it a fan favorite and a staple of Davido’s live performances.

Like many of Davido’s songs, “Ekuro” has faced criticism for its lyrics, which some have called disrespectful and inappropriate. However, many fans of the song argue that it is meant to be taken lightly and is simply a fun, danceable track.

Overall, “Ekuro” is a memorable and influential song that has helped to establish Davido as a prominent figure in the African music scene. It remains a fan favorite and continues to be a popular choice for parties and events.

“Ekuro” has also been remixed and released as part of various collaborations. For example, in 2013, Davido released a remix of “Ekuro” featuring American rapper Ace Hood. The remix was well received and helped to introduce Davido’s music to a wider audience.

Throughout his career, Davido has consistently released new music and has built a large and dedicated fan base. In addition to his work as a musician, he has also been involved in various charitable efforts and has used his platform to promote important social issues.

In conclusion, “Ekuro” is a standout track in Davido’s discography and has helped to solidify his place as a leading figure in the African music scene.





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