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Davido – Omo Baba Olowo (OBO) [Album]
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Davido’s debut studio album, “Omo Baba Olowo” (O.B.O.), was released in 2012. The album features a mix of Afropop and hip-hop music and includes collaborations with several notable artists, including WizKid, Sina Rambo, and B-Red. The album received widespread critical acclaim and spawned several hit singles, including “Dami Duro,” “Ekuro,” and “Back When.” It was a commercial success and helped to establish Davido as one of the leading artists in the Nigerian music scene.

“Omo Baba Olowo” was a landmark release for Davido, who had previously gained popularity with his 2010 single “Dami Duro.” The album features a blend of upbeat Afropop and hip-hop sounds and showcases Davido’s versatility as an artist. It includes several tracks that have become fan favorites and have been performed at his concerts around the world.

One of the standout tracks on the album is “Dami Duro,” which became a viral hit and helped to launch Davido’s career. Other notable tracks include “Ekuro,” which features Afrobeat artist WizKid, and “Back When,” which is a nostalgic tribute to Davido’s hometown of Lagos. The album also includes collaborations with other Nigerian artists, such as Sina Rambo and B-Red.

Overall, “Omo Baba Olowo” was a major success for Davido and helped to solidify his position as one of the leading artists in the Nigerian music scene. It remains a fan favorite and a key release in his discography.

In addition to its commercial success, “Omo Baba Olowo” received positive reviews from critics for its catchy melodies, clever lyrics, and diverse array of sounds. Many praised the album for its ability to appeal to a wide audience, both in Nigeria and abroad.

The success of “Omo Baba Olowo” established Davido as a major force in the Nigerian music industry and paved the way for his subsequent releases. It remains a significant milestone in his career and is remembered as one of the defining albums of his early career.

In the years since its release, “Omo Baba Olowo” has continued to be a fan favorite and has inspired a loyal following. It remains an important release in the Nigerian music scene and is remembered as a classic of Afropop and hip-hop music.

Listen & Download Davido – Omo Baba Olowo (OBO) [Album] Zip Mp3 Below:-

  1. Davido – All of You
  2. Davido Ft Naeto C – Back When
  3. Davido Ft Sina Rambo and B.Red – New Skul Tinz
  4. Davido – Video
  5. Davido – Ekuro
  6. Davido – Down
  7. Davido Ft Sina Rambo – No Visa
  8. Davido Ft B.Red – Enter the Center
  9. Davido Ft Kayswitch – Dollars In the Bank
  10. Davido – Sade
  11. Davido – Gbon Gbon
  12. Davido Ft Ice Prince – Feel Alright
  13. Davido – Mary Jane
  14. Davido Ft 2Face Idiba – For You
  15. Davido Ft Sina Rambo – Overseas
  16. Davido – Dami Duro
  17. Davido – Bless Me

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